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Your Bio

dk3 studios ( is an affordable rental photo studio in Mira Mesa. We offer:

-a 16' cyclorama wall so you don't have to deal with the nuisance and expense of seamless backdrops

-12 (yes, one dozen) powerful strobes and a wide variety of light modifiers to unleash your creative potential or get that perfect fashion or products shot

-Accoutrements usually found only in more expensive studios: a 9' Arkay camera stand which is much easier to use than a tripod; a $2500 Elinchrom product shooting table

-A fun environment with laser and LED lighting to help get your models comfortable and a pro DJ sound system to get them moving

-Ample parking right in front: you don't have to lug wardrobe or equipment up even a single stair.

-A spotlessly clean restroom -- we don't like germs any more than you do.

-A private dressing room

-An on-call makeup artist/hair stylist with affordable rates

-An online booking system to help relieve the frustration of booking talent and studio time

-A friendly and knowledgable owner who is always available to help with lighting and other studio related issues.

-A fridge stocked with beverages. You won't go thirsty!